workshop pachanga

Workshop Pachanga Basics & Choreo – Sun 19 May

  • 13/05/2019


Sunday 19 May

Workshop PACHANGA by Naomi

We're gonna do it: pachanga baby! Some will hate me, some will love me ❤️but how can you not LOVE pachanga?

We are going to start with the very basics. We're gonna bounce, bounce, bounce. Then we continue with a little choreo.

Pachanga became very hot in the 50s. It was brought to NY where they got addicted to this happy music. This was what people needed during the depression and after WWII.

Check out some of our masters: Grupo Alafia from Italy. We learned so much of them! If you want to check out more videos on youtube, look for gents Eddie Torres, Eddie Torres Jr, or Adolfo, and ladies Griselle Ponce, Carla Voconi, Tania Cannarsa, Bersy Cortez


La Mulata
Tongerseweg 346
6215 AC Maastricht

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