rueda part3

Weekly Sunday Workshops

  • 01/04/2019

Every week we teach another special. From spinning to rueda, from musicality or the history of salsa to pachanga.

You can drop in any time. 

This week: Rueda de casino de Cuba!
Rueda (Spanish for circle) is a style of Cuban Salsa where several couples dance in a circle. The dance moves are called by one person, and the couples dance a specific pattern before swapping partners.
It's a lot of fun! And everyone can join with salsa experience.

Sunday Program

18.00-19.00h workshop
19.30-02.00h dinner & dance

Italian buffet


La Mulata
Tongerseweg 346
6215 AC Maastricht

You can park your car for free in front of the location or at the parking lot behind the building.