Tango Classes at La Mulata on Tuesdays

International tango teachers Alexey Sokolovskiy and Kathinka Poismans will be offering tango classes for beginners and intermediate dancers. 

NO PARTNER? No problem! Just come along!


La Mulata
Tongerseweg 346
6215 AC Maastricht

You can park your car for free in front of the location or at the parking lot behind the building.

More info:

tango flyer

About Kathinka


Kathinka has been dancing and teaching tango for many years. Her way of teaching if very personal.

As a musician and teacher at the conservatorium, she pays a lot of attention to the musicality part.  

In Buenos Aires, she mastered different techniques and the game of improvisation. She took classes with Rudolfo Dinzel, Carolina Bonaventura, Patrick Arrelano and Giannina Roncagliolo. Her dance style is elegant and emancipated.

About Alexey

Alexey tango maastricht

Alexey Sokolovskiy (www.fb.me/AlexSoTango) is engaged in couple dances since 1997. Since 2003 his life is spinning around Tango Argentino. Since 2009 he gives tango workshops and regular lessons in several cities in Germany, Holland, Ukraine and Russia. Since 2010 he is the head of the tango studio "AR-GO" in Krasnoyarsk (Russia).

In 2008 he learnt Tango Canyengue and since 2013 he is a representative of Movimiento Cultural Canyengue Argentino (Mo.C.C.A.).

Alexey regularly performs as a tango DJ since 2010, in Germany and since July 2017. He learned the DJ art from Marcelo Rojas, Semeon Kukormin and others, and had experience with multiple international tango festivals, DJ jams and other tango events in the Siberian region of Russia.

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