Latin Connection – Dinner & Dance

  • 15/04/2020

Let's party virtually together!

Learn from each other, work out, have fun, chat, eat (okay, this time you have to cook yourself), drink and dance.


⏰17.00h welcome and get ready for a workout with Markitos Jimenez from JR Better Fit
⏰17.45h sommelier Sun Veerman will tell amazing stories about the aperitive and wines you can drink with the dish
⏰18.00h live cooking with Chef Khalid. He will explain how you cook that certain dish. You can ask your questions straight away.
In between, you can ask questions to Dr Naomi about health.
⏰From around 18.30h we will see how things go, we will do a workshop (so you feel how it is to multitask (dance and cook), we will play music and much more.
⏰21.00-22.00h DJ Kalypso non-stop

It's a night of eating and dancing and drinking. You can unmute yourself to talk, you can chat (in private if you wish) to your good old friends.

❗We need to know what you want to learn to cook, so we can send you a list of ingredients you need to buy in advance. ​

Powered by your happiness.

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