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[BLOG] How to overcome the fear of dancing

  • 26/12/2019

How To Overcome The Fear of Dancing

Are you one of those people who find it hard to "just dance"? More like you have a fear of dancing especially when others are having a great time?

If yes, you're not alone — there are a whole lot of people who are just like you! For the most part, your fear is medically known as chorophobia — it's an intense dread with the experience of dancing that's especially evident when you're in the midst of other people.

As I mentioned earlier, it's perfectly normal to have a fear of dancing Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba — it's pretty similar to the fear of exploring a new part of town or jumping over big hairy spiders.

The good thing is, you can easily get over your fear of dancing if you really want to! Why? Well, it's only because the dance floor doesn't pose any threat to your life — it's not like you're trying to bungee jump over lava!

Just follow these points and see how things work out for you!

  1. For starters, there's a good chance that your fear of dancing came as a result of a past negative experience. In essence, that experience may have ruined your confidence and made it hard for you to dance in public. What's more, your fear of dancing may come from the people in your life including your parents, siblings, friends and more. That being said, the best hack is to set yourself free from those past experiences and move on.
  2. It's also crucial to deal with the fear associated with a lack of experience, and the best way to do this is by sharing your feelings with a trusted person. Doing this will help keep your emotions in check, and that's great. From this point on, you should practice with someone who understands you and takes some time to watch a few dance-themed movies. After watching the films, you can get in touch with your partner and practice! At the end of the day, you'll find that you're more comfortable with dancing and that's huge.
  3. At this point, you'll want to engage gradual exposure strategies to make dancing a walk in the park. First off, be sure to watch live dancing performances and try to get a better understanding of how people can move gracefully on the dance floor with zero fear. What's more, you can always sign up for dancing classes to build your confidence and hone your dancing skills. Don't hesitate to get in touch with Salsa Brisa to kick-start your super perfect dancing journey.

All in all, we hope these simple tips will help you overcome the fear and set you up for perfection. Happy dancing!

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