Holy Salsa Kizomba Meeting 15 feb

Holy Salsa Meeting – 15 Feb

  • 05/02/2014

Holy Salsa Kizomba Meeting 15 febThe Holy Salsa Meeting is BACK with an even bigger and better edition!!
A special unique location with two beautiful dance areas, a lounge area, professional wooden dance floors & mirrors for the bootcamps. The best DJs, workshops and shows!

NEW: Do you like kizomba? You will LOVE Afro House!! Taught by the world masters NKM Kuduro.

☆ Live performance with: Dany G De Oliveira (FR)

☆ Our amazing artists:
◕ Nat & Dany NKM Kuduro (FR): world masters in Afro House, Kizomba…
◕ Fadi Fusion (ES)
◕ Dany G De Oliveira (FR)
◕ Salsa Conquista (NL)
◕ James Thomas (NL)
◕ Mike O ‘ (BE)
◕ Turbosalsa (BE)
◕ Salsa Brisa (NL)

☆ Our incredible DJs:
Area 1 (salsa dura / romantica & bachata):
◕ János (H)
◕ Abdel (DE)
◕ Aimé (BE)

Area 2 (100% kizomba, tarraxinha, semba, kuduro, Afro House):
◕ Live performing with: Dany G De Oliveira (FR)!!
◕ Thierry Kmk (BE)
◕ Dieterr El Chami (DE)

Area 3 (chill lounge)

☆ Dresscode: Touch of red!!

◕ 21.00-22.00h Area-1: Afro House workshop by NKM (FR)
◕ 21.00-22.00h Area-2: Bachata Sensual by Salsa Brisa (NL)
◕ 22.00 Start the party
◕ 00.00h Show time!!
◕ 01.00h Live performance with: Dany G De Oliveira
◕ 02.00h Animation with Nat & Dany NKM Kuduro
◕ 04.00h End of the party

◕ Entrance with workshops, show, animation, live performance & photoshoot : 10€

Photographer: Walter de Rooij
Photoshoot for everyone!

Crea Dance Stein
Havenstraat 23
6171 ED Stein NL

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