Euro Gala – Dinner & Dance -Meditarranean Buffet – 15 February

  • 11/02/2020

Extra dinner @ La Mulata during the Euro Gala

Dishes from different countries all over the world. From Morocco to Italy, Spain, Thailand, Mexico and back to Vietnam... Everything freshly made by Chef Khalid. 

This is a fun way to meet follow dancers, and to have a different kind of meeting than just dancing. ​

20.00h dinner all you can eat buffet right after the workshops

Price: €10 with reservation before Friday 13.00h. Later than Friday 13.00h: €12,50

Please subscribe before Friday 13.00h in the event on Facebook or through our app. You can pay upon arrival.

22.00h Euro Gala with Bachata Premier Show of the Salsa Brisa Student Show Team! And of course world class dancers Alfonso & Monica from Spain!

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