Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do the classes take place?
A: At either La Mulata, Tongerseweg 346, 6215 AC Maastricht (free parking in the streets or parking lot around) or D’n Hiemel, Sint Bernardusstraat 24a in Maastricht. Entrance is at the big green door in the Hellgate. You can park your car for free at the St Peter’s Quay, or one of the streets around it (on Thursday payed parking until 21.00).

Q: How long is a course?
A: One regular dancecourse consists 8 lessons of 1 hour. See our timeschedule when your lesson starts. Summer courses consist 4 lessons of 1 hour.

Q: I can’t come every lesson. Is that a problem?
A: If you tell us in advance, we’re sure we can work things out and you can join other classes. We don’t offer a refund though.

Q: Do you have student discounts?
A: We sure do! Check our fees and registration page for our special rate for students.

Q. Can I use a bankcard (pincard) to pay for my lessons?
A. Yes, this is possible. You can also pay online or cash before the first class.

Q: Can I take a try-out lesson to see if i like it?
A: We have special try-out days that are free of charge. Check our website to see when the next day is. You can also always come and just watch a lesson. If you however also wish to join a lesson and it’s not a try-out day, it’s is a 10 euro admission fee. If you afterwards decide to join the rest of the classes you get a 10 euro discount. Please register in advance if you want to join a try-out.

Q: Do i need to buy special dancing shoes?
A: No, this is not required. However, we do advise you not to wear shoes with rubber soles.

Q: Can I bring my own beverages and food?
A: No, sorry you can’t do that. You can buy your drinks at the bar. Food is not allowed.

Q: Can I come alone, or do I have to bring a partner?
A: You don’t have to bring a partner. We make sure there are people who can help out if there are uneven numbers of dancers. And we switch dance partners a lot, so you never stand alone for a long time.

Q: Do we have to switch dancepartners then?
A: No, its not compulsory. However, we do advise you to join the rest of the group. You learn a lot from other dancepartners, and they learn from you. And you can show off your progress to your significant (dance)partner.

Q: Can I film your lessons?
A: Only with permission from the teachers, and only for your own use. Do not put your film online!

Q: Do you give private lessons or workshops?
A: Yes we do! Click here for the details for private classes or workshops

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