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[BLOG] Why you should learn how to dance salsa

  • 06/06/2021

Why you should learn how to dance salsa

Ever given thought to why you should learn salsa? The whole idea of dancing salsa is nothing but fun and exciting — it's highly unlikely to regret learning Latin dancing. So if you've been sitting there, wondering if you should take salsa dance lessons, this post will explore a few reasons why you should join the club now. Trust us; you won't get bored!

Let's get to it!

#1 You become smarter

The very first thing you should know is that salsa actually requires a lot of complex thoughts — it involves a lot of mental processes, and you might even have a slight headache when you start. But the good thing is, the effort and time are totally worth it. To sum it up, salsa dancing demands that you to put your brain to work and of course, think in a way that's different from how you normally do. This is precisely how dancing makes you smarter!

#2 You'll move your body like a pro

Here's the thing; it's unlikely for you to take over the dance floor on day 1, but there's a good chance of even shaking like Shakira when you give yourself to lessons and practice. The good thing, regular practice will help you to be in tune with your body, and that's a big step towards becoming a pro!

#3 You'll make new friends

Yes, we know you already have amazing friends in your life, and that's great. But it's never a bad idea to meet new people every now and then, right? As you probably guessed, learning how to dance will expose you to a lot of other salseros and salseras, and there's a good chance of making new friends along the way. All in all, it's an excellent opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and of course, grow your social circle.

#4 You'll get in shape

Another great thing about dancing is that it can double as a workout routine — you're sure to have toned physique as time goes on. What's more, salsa dancing is a great choice for those interested in losing weight — you only have to treat practice sessions like cardio. Also, you won't have to spend your evenings sitting on the couch watching movies or eating your favourite snack when you have salsa dance lessons to attend. Now you'll get to socialize and exercise at the same time — talk about a win-win!

#5 Dancing makes you confident

Finally, dancing will make your confidence and self-esteem to go right through the roof — it's only normal for it to be this way since you'll be interacting with others (even members of the opposite sex) every now and then. What's more, you'll get to have people watch you dance, and that's yet another great way to build confidence. The best part? You'll feel incredibly good about yourself when you eventually become a pro on the dance floor. What could be better? We've seen so many people enter as wallflowers, and leave as confident people within a few weeks already!

So there you have it! These are just a few reasons why you should learn how to dance salsa! We really do hope you join the club and of course, have fun! 

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