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[BLOG] What To Wear To Salsa Dancing

  • 27/02/2018

Let's face it; salsa is a physical activity — you can't just put on anything that crosses your mind and expects it to work. You'll want to do your homework and figure out what you can wear to make your dancing smooth and easy — this is crucial.

First things First — What Happens When You Wear the Wrong Clothes?

  • You distract your partner and eventually take time away from your dancing
  • You increase the risk of tripping or falling especially when you wear something too long or uncomfortable for your feet.
  • Dancing will become inconvenient for you and your partner.
  • You risk tearing or ripping your clothing, and you could even trap your partner in it.

These are just a few issues you'll have to deal with when you wear the wrong clothes.

Now, let's explore the good part.

What Clothes You Should Wear 

Trying to figure out what to wear to group classes or private lessons? Well, you need to get your priorities straight — remember, you're looking to learn how to dance. That said, it's in your best interest to choose something that gives you a perfect mix of function and comfort. The bottom line; just stick to good-looking clothes that are practical for dancing — doing this will help keep the above-mentioned issues at bay.

Note: Salsa dancing is usually about warming up and cooling down. That said, it's in your best interest to dress in layers.

Clothes Women Can Wear For Salsa Dancing

• Leggings or skinny jeans — just be sure to avoid baggy or jeans that flare open at the bottom.

• Dresses; knee length is great, but you can still go for something that's a bit shorter.

• Shorts — stick to dressier ones that are mid-thigh or knee length

• Cropped pants

• Sleeveless or short-sleeved tops — choose the ones that are made of lightweight, breathable material.

• Sweater or cardigan — stick to the ones that zip or buttons up

What You Shouldn't Wear To Salsa Dance Lessons 

• Tight short dresses and skirts — you'll end up pulling it down every now and then.

• Long dresses or pants — increases the risk of tripping and falling.

• Baggy pants — Also pose a tripping hazard

• Synthetic or polyester shirts or tops — they're not breathable so that you might get hot and sweaty in no time.

• Strapless dresses and tube tops — they'll keep sliding down when dancing and that can be super annoying.

• Backless tops —these are just too sexy for class. Moreover, your sweaty back might turn out to be too gross for your partner.

• Crop tops

• Booty shorts and Daisy Dukes

• Buttoned sweaters and jackets

Best Shoes To Wear 

As a woman, it's in your best interest to wear flat shoes; you may also choose to wear those that come with a small heel. Moreover, you'll want to avoid shoes with a lot of grip or traction — just stick to something with a smooth bottom.

Also, salsa dancing involves a lot moving and spinning, so you may want to wear shoes that securely attaches to your feet. All in all, you can wear your regular street shoes to your first private lesson or group lesson, then consider getting real dance shoes when you make dancing a part of your routine.

Happy dancing!

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