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[BLOG] Social Dancing: 4 Tips To Be A Pro On The Dance Floor

  • 21/02/2018

 Let's face it; the thought of going social dancing can be a bit daunting to most of us — this is usually how it is from the start. There are quite a number of things that come into play here; first off, the thought of wondering if you'll be asked to dance or even asking somebody to dance can bring those fears you probably faced in high school.

What's more, getting a partner is not the end of the story — you'll need to figure out how to lead or follow and try not to step all over their feet on the dance floor. The list goes on and on! The bottom line; social dancing can be scary, but you can make every moment worthwhile by following these great tips!

1. First Things First — Practice 

Here's the thing; practice makes perfect in social dancing. You have a better chance of becoming a pro when you social dance every now and then. In essence, your decision to keep shying away from social dancing until you're fully ready won't help — you'll need to get out there more often. The good thing is, regular practice will give you the opportunity to learn from mistakes, and you'll eventually become more confident to hit the dance floor if need be. The best part? You'll get to make new friends, and that's huge!

2. No Partner Is Perfect 

Want to know one of the fun things about social dancing? There's no need for choreography! That said, you can be sure of having a swell time with your partner. What's more, you won't have to worry about being perfect. Essentially, there will be a whole lot people on the dance floor, and each will have something good to offer. With that in mind, you'll want to make adjustments to flow with each person you dance with. The most important thing is to have fun! There's no perfect partner — just have fun! 

3. Equip Yourself 

As with other things in life, you'll want to get the right tools to stand out in the world of social dancing. Now, being equipped is not necessarily about having lots of step patterns or having what it takes to be the fastest mover on the dance floor. It's more about having a connection with someone who really knows what it means to dance with another person. The bottom line; it's crucial to know how to lead and follow with exceptional ease. Just take your time to learn the techniques that'll make you a pro at this.

4. Try Out Those Skills 

Now that you've gotten an idea of how important it is to have right tools, you'll want to take some time to test run them before heading to a social dance. So where can you have a test run? Well, nothing works better than group classes. As you probably guessed, group classes give you the chance to alternate partners, and that's incredibly awesome. Why? Well, it's only because you'll get to try out the skills you've learned in your private lessons! What's more, you'll get to hook up with people that are likely to show up at that social dance you're planning to attend!

Just sum everything from top to bottom, and you'll find that you're set to have a blast at just about every social dance. Have fun!

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