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[BLOG] Am I Too Old To Dance?

  • 10/05/2018


So what do you answer when someone asks you “Am I too old to dance?”
Well my answer would be, you are never too old to dance!

And why?
Because dancing is not about age, it’s about passion and the joy you have doing it.
As long as you are passionate about dancing and your body can handle it, you can dance all you want.


Ofcourse, people think when you talk about dancing, you have to be a certain age otherwise you can’t do it anymore, but actually people who are older, may be enjoying dancing more than people who are at an younger age.

Because young girls and boys start around the age of 14 with dancing, and mostly because they want to learn something with the dancing and want to develop their selves and their bodies.
So they start lessons, and the more they learn, the more passionate they get about it and they are going to enjoy it more.

But it’s also a little about a competition when you are younger and you start as a group and go to a dancing competition. It’s about the adrenalin they feel in their bodies because they want to win.
At an older age, you are really just dancing for the joy, and ofcourse so that your body still gets a lot of movement.

Socializing and learning

Dancing is also a way of socializing with other people. You are all passionate about dancing and you want to share that with others. It’s nice to belong somewhere where you can all talk about the same passion; dancing.

You are never too told to learn new things. Older people are actually more curious and see the fun more in it than younger people. 

Perseverance is, among other things, necessary for success. And that is what older people mostly more have than younger people. Maybe because they want to have the feeling that they have achieved something, even when they are older.

Working together

Dancing is also about working together. Older people are more social, they are open to learn new people, they tolerate each other better and very important; have more fun doing it together, than doing it just by yourself.

It’s also a way of not feeling lonely, not just sitting at home doing nothing all day, have nobody around. It’s very important for people who maybe don’t have much family or friends or have no partner, that they get among people and meet new people.

Dancing is ageless. Enjoy it as long as you can, make sure your body is still in shape and most importantly; don’t forget it’s a way of communicating with not only your bodies, but also with others
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