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[BLOG] 5 Foolproof Tips To Being An Amazing Leader On The Dance Floor

  • 16/01/2018

Ever given thought to what it takes to lead with greatness? You should know that there's more to learning the skills of salsa dancing steps, frame, timing, and patterns. You'll also want to have some have some exceptional qualities to truly connect and enjoy the experience.

Interested? I'm pretty sure you are! Here are some tips to engage when next you hit the dance floor.

1. Be Present 

As a leader, you'll want to be fully aware of the moment — just get connected to the music, environment and your partner. The thing is, you're more likely to have a memorable dance when the both of you are totally immersed in the moment of being in each other's arms, listening to the beautiful music and still very much aware of other dancers and spectators. The bottom line; your presence is critical for an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

2. Look Into Her / His Eyes 

Here's the thing; your eyes are also super important for the connection between you and your partner. You'll want to do your best to avoid distractions like concentrating on your steps, looking at other dancers or being shy. Giving in to these things will only cause the entire dance to feel empty, and that's not part of the plan!

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3. Just Lean In 

When dancing salsa, it's great to bring your head closer to your partner, even more than your feet; doing this will allow for lightness in our lead, and that's great. What's more, keeping the weight forward over the balls of the feet gives you a better chance to turn quicker. The bottom line; try not to take your head away from your partner especially if you want to maintain the hand connection and unison in movement.

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4. Mix Things Up — Quick Turns and Slow Flirtatious Steps

Looking to know the greatest feeling of dancing at a high level? Well, just figure out how to mix challenging turns and quick patterns with charming body rolling and flirtatious moves. You need to quit seeing salsa as some tedious aerobic workout; it should rather be smooth and enjoyable! Just do what you can (give it the 'eb and flow') to allow her enjoy the dance without feeling drained and tired. 

5. The Gentle Embrace 

Most of us believe that stiff and muscular arms are critical when it comes to leading quick patterns with efficiency and clarity. Well, that's true, but you'll also want to keep your arms relatively relaxed and gentle. It's always great to draw the lady closer after a series of quick passes and turns, and nothing works better than a gentle embrace.

So there you have it! Now you've gotten quite a few ideas on how you can become an incredible leader on the dance floor; it's now up to you to act on them and lead! Have fun!

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