Be Fit & Salsa/Bachata in July

  • 21/05/2019

Get summer fit with our new 3 weeks Be Fit & Salsa/Bachata by personal trainer and sports coach Markitos.

The Be Fit This is a functional workout of 1 hour with salsa/bachata moves mixed with fitness exercises that will improve your strength and agility on the dance floor.

The hour is broken down into a fast-paced salsa/bachata warm up, a bodyweight fitness circuit workout and an abs and core workout.

You can join 3 times a week or just once.

Train to be fit. It's just 3 weeks

Maandag 8, 15, 22 juli

Dinsdag 9, 16, 23 juli

Donderdag 11, 18, 25 juli

@La Mulata    




Be Fit & Salsa/Bachata 

All Levels

Solo workout

Zaal 1



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