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[BLOG] 5 ways shines can make you a great dancer

  • 29/12/2017

Ever given thought to how the perfect footwork can make you a better dancer? If yes, you should know that you're in for a whole lot of fun and excitement. Now, we know that partner connection is the essence of Latin dances, but it's never a crime to be a master of both worlds — being a well-rounded dancer is simply amazing.

Moreover, I'm pretty sure you'll love to be like some of the most admired Latin dancers who can take over the dance floor with sexy, funky, playful and musical shines! Who wouldn't want all that attention?

Here are five ways shines can step up your game on the dance floor.

1. Perfect Timing

The very first thing you should know is that dancing is about connection — it's key to perfection. It's incredibly important to connect to the rhythm and pace of the music when dancing, and your clean footwork can make you stand out. Matching your footwork to the beat of the music is a fundamental skill you'll want to learn before attempting to dance with another person. The bottom line; smooth footwork can help you drill the perfect timing. What's more, you'll get to develop the skill of being one with the beat of the music.

2. No Fear of Dancing Without Partner

Looking to overcome your fear of breaking out of partner on the dance floor? If yes, give yourself to shines! Learning footwork gives you the confidence to dance on your own and that's huge. It's about time to take those training wheels off and dominate!

3. Adapt to Different Speeds

Let's face it; you need energy to move fast on the dance floor — it's not something that just happens. Moreover, it's not so easy to take slow controlled steps. So what's the point? Well, it actually takes focused practice to be one with the different speeds and mood of music, and nothing works better than smooth footwork. In essence, when you learn footwork, you'll be able to challenge your ability to move fast, slow and in between. The dance floor will be yours!

4. Musicality

When you take a look at some of the most musical dancers in salsa, cha cha and bachata, you'll find that they're both comfortable and liberated by the art of dancing solo. The thing is, Latin music boasts an impressive variety of sounds, moods, and flavor — you only need to dance on your own to get totally immersed in the nuances of each song. The good thing is, you can do it without worrying about leading or following. Remember, it takes time to master moving to the horns, percussion, piano, melody, vocals and the breaks. That said, it's in your best interest to get better at doing the movement on your own — doing this will make it a whole lot of easier for you to incorporate into your partner work. 

5. Become A Pro At Balance and Centering 

Do you always find yourself depending on your partner for balance when dancing? If yes, you're not alone. Even some experienced leaders and followers struggle to keep their balance within partner work. If you've been in this position for long, I'll recommend you practice on your own. You could do it at home or at the club on the sidelines — it's all up to you!

And that's it! Sum everything up from top to bottom, and you'll find that you've stepped up your dance game in ways you never thought possible. Keep shining!

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