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[BLOG] 5 excellent tips to learn salsa dancing on your own

  • 09/01/2018

Looking to learn salsa without hitting the class or club? If yes, you'll be glad to know that there are quite a number of things you can do to become a better dancer without a floor or partner. Just so you know, nothing works better than classes and social dancing, but you can still challenge yourself to learn salsa on your own by following these foolproof tips.

Let's get to it!

bekah-russom-body roll

1. Be One With The Mirror

For starters, you'll want to practice body rolls against a mirror or wall — your focus should be on peeling yourself off of the wall. At this point, the downward and upward rolls are crucial. You can start the former with your head and follow with your chest, stomach, hips, and knees. An upward roll is all about reversing the downward roll — you just come back with your knees, hips, stomach, chest, and finally, your head. Doing this gives you a better chance of getting muscle memory as well as muscles to perform excellent body rolls while dancing.


2. Work On Your Abs

It's also good to know that regular sit-ups can kick your dancing up a notch. How? Well, it's only because strong, toned abs gives you better balance thus allowing you to be more smooth and centered on the dance floor. What's more? You'll want to do more sit-ups to become a pro at spinning — in essence, the surest way to spin is with a tight core that makes it easy for you to spot and stay balanced. That said, it's sure to be an excellent idea to do ab-strengthening exercises before heading to dance class or the club — you'll get to feel much more controlled, and that's huge. The best part? Strong abs will eventually help you become a great spinner thanks to the strength you'll have to whip around faster. Moreover, you'll be more fit to attempt even the most advanced of dance moves.

3. Look At Other Dancers

Another great way to learn salsa on your own is by watching other dancers — this could either be on the dance floor or the internet. Try to go beyond the styles you're already used to — observe other dancers from around the world and learn. At this point, it's all up to you to pick dancers you admire, observe them and work on incorporating their great moves into your dancing. It's also a grand idea to focus on learning something good from someone when you head out of the house — you'll definitely love the variety of styles that'll become a part of your repertoire!

4. Perform Body Isolations

Now that you're friends with the mirror, you'll want to give body isolations a shot. Standing in front of a mirror, move each part of your body, one at a time. Be sure to isolate the movement regardless of how slow you go. It's great to use slow cha cha music to ensure that each movement takes a couple of 8 counts. The good thing is, the more you practice these isolations, the more your body movement will improve and eventually make you a pro on the dance floor. It's sure to be an excellent idea to start with your shoulders, hips and rib cage — remember, practice makes perfect!

record yourself

5. Record Yourself 

You might not know this, but the video camera can be one of your best friends during practice and the like. It's great to have a friend videotape you in practice, in the studio with a partner or when you're social dancing — it's all up to you to decide! Later on, you can get the video, watch it and see what you think. The good thing is, you can improve at a much faster rate when you become your own critic — you're likely to find a mistake or two after watching the video, and that's huge. Even dance teams can use a great digital video camera to record practice, performance or tech rehearsal and examine it to see if it's actually great. It's an excellent way to know if all movements are being done in unison!

And that's it! We're pretty sure these tips will work great for dancers looking to take their craft to the next level. As I mentioned earlier, nothing works better than social dancing and classes, but supplementing with these tips will definitely make you the complete dancer you've always wanted to be!

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